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Focus & “Workus Interruptus”

I am listening to a Headspace meditation series on Focus this week. My middle name is “distractible.” You too?! We all struggle to stay on task with everyone and their brother or sister clamoring for our attention. Wait… what’s that over there? A shiny object!The to-do list calls. “Yoo-hoo. You forgot something.”I add Something. Capital […]

The Truth?

“If you don’t have the experience of something you’re not at liberty to write about it.” Do you agree? Can I tell if I’m telling my truth? Am I writing for an audience that I’m trying to impress? Am I trying to impress you right now? Here’s what I want you to know: I struggle […]

Travel List: Stuff to Leave at Home

Wait… there’s lots of stuff to leave at home. This is a different list. Best news: It’s short. Fear Habits Anger Judgment/criticism Impatience Myth of control Expectations Vanity Unnecessaries Colds, flus, bugs Preconceptions Work and worries Frowns Aches and pains Finicky eating Oh, and towel elephants can be left at home, too, even if they’re […]