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11 (Make That 12) Steps to Great Kids

I have two boys. Ahem. I have two sons that are now late twenties. When I wrote this missive in 2004, they were seventeen and nineteen. I had two great boys then and I have two wonderful young men for sons. It’s not blind… maybe a little prejudiced, but as I muse the truth of […]


The eighth grade boy was the only one in the classical dance show last night. It was an arts school, yes, but he was alone on the stage. How would he spend his day at a normal school? How does he make this decision every day —to  be different, so different? Because something in his […]

Other People. Not Us.

I will not tell you her name, but this woman that I know (as in this was not something I read in the newspaper) lost two sons to hang gliding! There are few words to describe the unconscionable sorrow. What? You lost one? Then another? What were they thinking? What could they think? There are […]

Life Is A Bicycle Ride

“In the end, we’re all just riding bicycles.” The buzz in the room stopped. We all knew we were in the presence of a deep philosophical certainty. We internalized the analogy, knowing that sometimes, the road of life is so steep that it is insurmountable. We may pump and strain, slipping into lower gears. We […]

Summer Spiders

In summer, countless spiders dot my front and back yards. They look like little Christmas ornaments hanging from tiny invisible hooks, and they cast miniature, blurred shadows against the walls behind them when the morning sun hits them just right. Last week, a particularly plucky spider stood guard at my front porch. She was there […]