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Vacations are to relax!   A re-set to be sure. Re-sent to re-set without resenting the recent recession, we released the ressussitiveness of restoration in remote resorts, reminiscent of reinventions reprised by rotund retailers on red-roostered roof tops, and….. we Relax. Regal? No. Roadies.  We rolled on roads in our rugged roadster replete with refreshments, Ruffles […]

Perceived Fear vs. Real Danger

I listened to Chris Hadfield’s TED talk today. He’s the one who went completely blind while OUTSIDE the space capsule miles above the earth’s surface. Um. Hm.. That’s probably something that would be a cause of fear for most people. He didn’t panic. He continued his work. His partner (you know, the buddy system—like in Boy […]


  It’s a “first world” problem. We cleaned out our garage this last weekend. We had a saw. No. We had two. Oops. Here’s another. We had six saws. How does this happen? How many saws do you need? Yes some were different — smaller, curvier, toothier — but some were exactly the same. Hammers, […]