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A Necessary Convenience

Q: What 20th century “convenience” is most taken for granted?
 A: 69% voted for TOILET PAPER; 42% say the zipper; 38% say frozen foods Q: If stranded on a desert island with only one “necessity,” what would you choose?
 A: 49% of people surveyed chose toilet paper as their greatest island necessity ahead of food. […]

A Little Science to the Rescue

Below is my list of a few things for which I would just as soon have someone or something come to me in the middle of the night and handle, so I don’t have to make an appointment for it, panic myself with the anticipation of it, suffer the pain of it, or take the time […]


While I’m showering, I’m thinking about my workday. While I’m working, I’m preoccupied with dinner. While I’m eating dinner, I’m hoping to avoid doing dishes. While I’m doing dishes, I ponder how I can escape the laundry. While I’m folding laundry, I’m musing about shopping. While shopping the next day, I review my to-do list […]