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Focus & “Workus Interruptus”

I am listening to a Headspace meditation series on Focus this week. My middle name is “distractible.” You too?! We all struggle to stay on task with everyone and their brother or sister clamoring for our attention. Wait… what’s that over there? A shiny object!The to-do list calls. “Yoo-hoo. You forgot something.”I add Something. Capital […]

Skipping Out

Off Season Craving fresh air, we head to the beach on a particularly fine winter day in Southern California. We do not go often, and yet we live within a 30-minute drive. The beach this day is gloriously empty. The best part about the ocean is that she doesn’t change much. She’s so rare. And […]


  Hello! Raise your hand if you want to be better at conversations. Great. Me, too. So here’s a TED talk with 11 million (!) views. What’s one of the secrets? LISTENING   Another? Be brief. So I’m going to do that. Enjoy!


While I’m showering, I’m thinking about my workday. While I’m working, I’m preoccupied with dinner. While I’m eating dinner, I’m hoping to avoid doing dishes. While I’m doing dishes, I ponder how I can escape the laundry. While I’m folding laundry, I’m musing about shopping. While shopping the next day, I review my to-do list […]