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We borrow our identities when we give in to outside approval.  It’s a counter-force to innovation. “What if they don’t like it?” squelches the courage to ship.  We don’t need approval at the creative stage.  In fact, we don’t need it at all unless we want to sell what we’ve made.  Anyone knows that.  Right? […]


Immunization against insinuation of information into the insanity of instantaneous interruption and insidious imperfections invites investigation. Individuals interested in including informed implications of important inroads into the ignorance of intermittent immersion are instructed to ignore inner itches and implore the id to inure  itself against impish interlopers. Indelibly ingrained in the implications are immediate interventions […]


Life is a guess.  I guess I’ll get up. I guess I’ll go to work. I guess I’ll take this route. I guess we’ll have a baby. I guess we’ll take a vacation. I guess we’ll get married. I guess we’ll get divorced… move… take a walk… make bread… find gravity… lose weight… learn to […]