The Business of Belief

I have just read The Business of Belief by Tom Asacker. Who knew there could be so much wisdom in such a small book? At 121 pages, it’s a quick read, and yet, the profoundness of each entry made me want to read it again. And again.  So I did.

Here are some quotes:

  • “Say no to short-term comfort producing activities, and say yes to fear, passion, and leadership.”
  • It’s a simple fact that if you Google your passion, there will probably be thousands of entries of people who have done what you want to do. FUGGEDABOUTIT. Asacker says, “…the real risk isn’t found in the data. It’s the risk of not fully living during our one trip around the track. It’s the risk of regret. So ignore it.”
  • “We all become the stories we tell ourselves.”

Tell yourself a great story, and your mind and your actions will start to believe it. Another trite but effective way of putting it is: Act as if. I would like to hear your reactions.  How have you changed your fear quotient lately? Is your passion for your current life a 7 on a scale of 1-10? Or is it a 10? Oh, heck. I hope it’s not a 3!

I’m hovering around 8, and I’m trying for 9, maybe 10.  How about you?2013-10-15 23.56.12