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I’m an American

Note to Readers: This is fiction. The security line stretched from the screener checkpoint back through the boarding pass/I.D. checkers, and around the Disney-esque, maze-like lanes almost to the street. It was a Friday afternoon. TSA agents hated Fridays. Passengers waxed surly from long workweeks. Businessmen wanted to get home; weekend travelers wanted to escape […]

Plan B

What is a Plan B, besides a morning after pill? It’s a backup. It’s the spare tire. It’s what you should have behind your Plan A. Plan B’s are scary because we rarely even have a Plan A.  Why not? Companies usually have Plan A’s. Or Plans. Do they have Plan B’s? Shouldn’t they? What […]

Victims of Our Own Unconscious Behaviors

I recently stumbled upon the Chris Jordan 2008 TED talk  wherein Chris made artwork out of our collective unconscious behaviors.  With a smoking skeleton and pills formed into a surprising circular array, he exposed the following and other punishing statistics…not to punish us, but to inform us. 400,000 people died from smoking in 2008. 65,000 […]