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Basket Envy

Have you seen it at Costco? It’s almost a sport. People peek over the top of others’ overstuffed shopping carts… on the way IN and on the way OUT! On the way IN they’re saying, “What do I need to look for once I get in?” On the way OUT, they say (I’ve actually heard […]

Plan B

What is a Plan B, besides a morning after pill? It’s a backup. It’s the spare tire. It’s what you should have behind your Plan A. Plan B’s are scary because we rarely even have a Plan A.  Why not? Companies usually have Plan A’s. Or Plans. Do they have Plan B’s? Shouldn’t they? What […]

Corporate Kindness

In today’s USA Today, we saw a renewed focus on corporate kindness. In the old days, they used to call it social responsibility. In business school, they used to tell us that social responsibility was not in the interest of the shareholders. The shareholders demand a profit, they said. That was then. This is now. […]