Life is a guess.  I guess I’ll get up. I guess I’ll go to work. I guess I’ll take this route. I guess we’ll have a baby. I guess we’ll take a vacation. I guess we’ll get married. I guess we’ll get divorced… move… take a walk… make bread… find gravity… lose weight… learn to fly… have the house painted.  We guess ourselves. Guess each other. Guess the weather! Guess the future.  Guess the “truthiness” of our beliefs.

Scientists guess. Businessmen guess.  Fathers and mothers guess.  “It’s my guess that …:  “It’s my best guess…: [Has anyone said it’s my worst guess?]  What does guessing do? Well, if it’s a second guess, it’s the wall of doubt — the chasm of procrastination OR the pique of ingenuity. HAH — a second guess may be the road not taken — and the road to discovery/innovation/solution. It’s so maligned that the second guess has lost its value in the timelines, the forward momentum of progress.  Maybe ears should train on that tinny, tiny voice in the back woods that says,   “But what if we did it this way?” It could be the path to discovery. Or the devil of fear. But then, that’s only a guess.