They say men sweat. Women wilt. No. Horses and men sweat. Women glisten. Whatever. I think we all sweat these days. We sweat the small stuff. We sweat the economy. We sweat aging. We sweat education. We sweat the big things. We sweat the sweat.

I visit this subject because two people at my gym had a conversation about the opposite. They were discussing the virtues of “chilling.” One was setting the scene of sitting on the sofa, eating ice cream. That was it. That was all. Just sitting. Eating ice cream. Chilling.

The other was talking about getting into the “zone” of complete relaxation. She said it was hard to get “there.” The “there” is down into the nothing space. It’s where we are our true selves. It’s the ultimate of example of chilling. And it is hard to attain.

I usually don’t eavesdrop, but the point was that the these two people, who were only waiting for the yoga class to start, were discussing the necessity of being in a place that people these days have trouble identifying, much less actually spending time in.

Here’s to sweat of the exercise sort, because that is GOOD sweat. And here’s to starting a trend for “chilling,” however you get there. How do you chill?