Penelope Peters did not want to grow up. She wore pigtails even as she entered college, an all-girls establishment. After she graduated she sailed to a faraway island where she took care of the Lost Girls.

One day, the evil Madam Hook kidnapped some of the girls and took them to her place of business, the House of the Plunging Sons, where she put the girls to work. Alas, Ms. Peters knew the nature of this demeaning work and enlisted the aid of her helpers, the Angels of Artemis. Armed with harps outfitted with arrows, the Angels raided the house and pulled the Lost Girls right out from under their yucky jobs.

The media of the day splashed the names of the yucky clients across their technology-appropriate-for-the-era outlets. Alas, In a “boys-will-be-boys” moment of hand slapping, the past and future history of these events would be repeated.

Ms. Peters and her Lost Girls were safe for only a short while until the prequels and sequels found Madam Hook reprising her evil ways in a Neverland where children grow up far too quickly.